Sturmey-Archer Spare Parts

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Rat City Bikes
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We are a small local bike shop, not some giant e-commerce site.
So... there is no shopping cart, no buy-it-now button, no robots and no customer service call center.
And no free shipping. Shipping and Handling is usually $7 First Class Mail or $11 Priority Mail in the USA.
Other countries by quote.

Step One: Download the parts list (aka, exploded diagram) for your specific hub from the Sturmey-Archer website.
For older hubs go to Sturmey-Archer Heritage or email us as, we have many vintage diagrams.

Step Two: Order by part number NOT hub model, but include your hub model for reference.
Part numbers are 3 letters followed by 3 numbers. Example: HSA120 (older parts may use a single letter Eample: K407)

Step Three: Email your part numbers and quantities.
We will email you a total and a Paypal payment link. You do NOT have to have an account to use Paypal. We also take checks by mail.


(Alphabetically sorted with Prices and Pictures!)

Sturmey-Archer hub assembly videos.

The factory greases seen in the assembly videos are not readily available in the USA.
Buzzy's Slick Honey grease is recommended by Sturmey-Archer as a suitable internal lube.
It can be used on a pinions, pawls, sliding parts and bearings.
We recommend a heavier marine grease for the bearings.
Most internally geared hubs have 3 sets of ball bearings. Two on the right and one on the left. Also use it on coaster brake shoes.

Buzzy's Slick Honey grease


Sta-Lube Marine Grease

$5 for 2 ounces (enough to do a couple hubs)

Phil Wood Tenacious Oil